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Jim began working in the construction industry during summers in high school and while in college at Vanderbilt University. He worked as a carpenter’s helper as well as a millwright and participated in the building of sewage treatment and water treatment facilities. Jim realized that building things was physically challenging, mentally stimulating and emotionally satisfying. He decided to make it his life’s work and has been working enthusiastically in the homebuilding industry for the last 30 years.
Jim earned his:
  • Georgia Master Plumber’s license in 1991
  • Georgia General Contractor’s license in 2010
  • SBCCI Certification as a Building Inspector in 1987
  • SBCCI Certification as a Plumbing Inspector in 1988
  • SBCCI Certification as a Mechanical Inspector in 1989
  • SSBCCI Certification as a Residential Electrical Inspector in 1990
  • SBCCI Certification as a Plumbing Plans Examiner in 1991
  • EPA Lead Safe Renovator Certification in 2010
Jim has built nearly 500 homes and he brings his expertise and experience to all of his projects, from home inspections to plumbing to remodeling and new construction.

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Phone:  678 409 6762 678 409 6762

E-mail: jmdop@comcast.net


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